Berwick Lodge Primary School – Opening of new Sensory Garden 15th December 2017.



Our New Sensory Garden has been built over 18 months and was landscaped by Andy Coupar from Eskape landscapes who is also a Dad at our school. Our New Sensory Garden was officially opened on Friday 15th December by councillor Wayne Smith, representing the City of Casey.  The evening featured performances and Christmas songs from each grade level and families enjoyed a picnic on the oval. The garden provides a natural environment with indigenous plants, a bridge, jetty, water feature, musical instruments including xylophone, chimes and drums, chess board, archway, Helmeted Honeyeater garden, outdoor classroom and a windmill.  Each grade made a “Pot Creation” to place into the garden and these were judged my Mandy Munro from the City of Casey.  The pot creations were amazing and bring an array of colour and interest to the garden. Prizes for the winning pots were donated by Bunnings, Fountain Gate.   The garden is a beautiful addition to our school grounds and a wonderful space for all to enjoy. Thank you to all our families and community who have assisted and donated items.  We look forward to enjoying the garden for many years to come!

Berwick Lodge Primary School Helmeted Honeyeater Ambassador Program 2017

Our Helmeted Honeyeater ambassadors (Max, Chelsea, Malaika and Lachlan) have had a wonderful year planting plants at Yellingbo, learning about the critically endangered species and assisting with educating our community about the impact we have on the environment.  The final activity for the year was a visit to Healesville sanctuary to learn about the breeding program and go behind the scenes to see the Helmeted Honeyeater up close.  The ambassadors watched via closed circuit TV as the Helmeted Honeyeater cared for their  young and sat on the nest. Cecilia, the education officer from Yellingbo visited our school to be interviewed for our school radio program.  We have had a very excting year and look forward to continuing the ambassador program in 2018.

Planet Ark National Tree Day 2017

We had a beautiful sunny day to plant over 100 native plants in the Sensory Garden.  Some of the garden club students planted our new plants with assistance from Pat from Toyota Berwick.  Toyota Berwick sponsored the day and provided T shirts, gloves and the plants.  Bunnings Fountain Gate provided seeds, seedlings and soil for all grades to plant into a paper recycled pot.  We thank Bunnings and Fountain Gate for their generosity and assistance on the day. We had a wonderful day and enjoyed being in the outdoors!

Helmeted Honey Eater Ambassador Program 14th June 2017

This year, Berwick Lodge Primary school are participating in the Helmeted Honey Eater ambassador program.  Students in grade 4 and 5 participated in a presentation by Cecilia from Yellingbo Nature reserve to educate our students about the critically endangered species.  Interested students applied to become an ambassador.  This year we have four ambassadors – Malaika and Lachlan from grade 4, Max and Chelsea from grade 5.  On their first visit to Yellingbo Nature Reserve, they learnt about the critically endangered bird, habitat, food, predators and also worked with Bruce Quinn, ornithologist who has wealth of knowledge about birds.  We had a great day working with Cecilia and were very lucky to see the Helmeted Honey eater in the wild! The ambassadors learn about the species and then as ambassadors, share their learning with the school community.


Community Garden 2017

Grades enjoy exploring and planting in the Community Garden.  The garden is always changing and you never know what you might discover! Some students found slugs, snails, worms, bugs, caterpillars and even a few frogs!