Planet Ark National Tree Day 2017

We had a beautiful sunny day to plant over 100 native plants in the Sensory Garden.  Some of the garden club students planted our new plants with assistance from Pat from Toyota Berwick.  Toyota Berwick sponsored the day and provided T shirts, gloves and the plants.  Bunnings Fountain Gate provided seeds, seedlings and soil for all grades to plant into a paper recycled pot.  We thank Bunnings and Fountain Gate for their generosity and assistance on the day. We had a wonderful day and enjoyed being in the outdoors!

Helmeted Honey Eater Ambassador Program 14th June 2017

This year, Berwick Lodge Primary school are participating in the Helmeted Honey Eater ambassador program.  Students in grade 4 and 5 participated in a presentation by Cecilia from Yellingbo Nature reserve to educate our students about the critically endangered species.  Interested students applied to become an ambassador.  This year we have four ambassadors – Malaika and Lachlan from grade 4, Max and Chelsea from grade 5.  On their first visit to Yellingbo Nature Reserve, they learnt about the critically endangered bird, habitat, food, predators and also worked with Bruce Quinn, ornithologist who has wealth of knowledge about birds.  We had a great day working with Cecilia and were very lucky to see the Helmeted Honey eater in the wild! The ambassadors learn about the species and then as ambassadors, share their learning with the school community.


Community Garden 2017

Grades enjoy exploring and planting in the Community Garden.  The garden is always changing and you never know what you might discover! Some students found slugs, snails, worms, bugs, caterpillars and even a few frogs!

Berwick Lodge Primary School Sensory Garden February 2017

Welcome back to the 2017 school year.  Our new Sensory Garden is taking shape with the  layout almost completed.  We look forward to the students being able to explore the garden in the coming weeks.  The Sensory Garden is built from many recycled materials and all students had the opportunity to ‘adopt a plant’ which they planted within the garden towards the end of 2016.  The Sensory Garden will have plants and materials within the environment which engage the 5 senses including: seeing different plants, colours and movement, hearing different sounds as leaves rustle, plants move and musical instruments chime, touching different textures in the built area which range from smooth to rough, prickly to soft, smelling different scents given off by plants, leaves, soil and water and eventually tasting different native plants.  The garden has been generously supported by the RACV, City of Casey, Coates Hire and the Berwick Lodge Primary School community. Andy Coupar from Eskape Landscapes has designed the layout and constructed the garden utilising the natural fall to create a dry creek bed, jetty, arbour, checker board,  seating and outdoor classroom space. We look forward to seeing the garden evolve as artworks are installed and the students make items to be included in the garden.  Thank you to the fantastic staff who have assisted at working bees and to parents who have donated items and supported the project.

Berwick Lodge Family Twilight Christmas Picnic and Scarecrow competition Friday 16th December 2016.

On Friday 16th December we enjoyed a lovely evening celebration with our whole school.  The choir sang, grades performed, there was an art show with amazing works, games to play and the fantastic scarecrows in the Community Garden.  David Westlake from the City of Casey was our guest judge and was amazed at the range of scarecrows made from recycled materials.  At our Monday morning assembly, David Westlake announced the winners for 2016.  Grade 1P and 4K won the award this year and thanks to Bunnings Fountain Gate for generously donating plants for each child to take home and plant in their garden.  Have a look at the great creations!

img_4750 img_4749 img_4748 img_4747 img_4746 img_4745 img_4744 img_4743 img_4742

The winning scarecrow from 1P.

The winning scarecrow from 1P.


The winning scarecrow from 4K.

The winning scarecrow from 4K.

Berwick Lodge Primary School Wins Victorian School Garden Award “Best Edible Garden” 2016

On Tuesday 29th November three garden club grade 6 students: Aviva, Skye and Freyja attended the Victorian School Garden Awards with Mrs. McCrum.  We had been nominated as finalists in the Victorian School Garden Awards which were being held in the beautiful Royal Botanic Gardens – Melbourne.  We watched a smoking ceremony to welcome us to the gardens and then the awards began.  Our students were very excited when we won the “Best Edible Garden” award.  We also received a $1000 gift voucher from Maxicrop.  We were thrilled that our School Community Garden had achieved such an award.  The girls also enjoyed making flower crowns, wands and exploring the Children’s Garden.

img_4690 img_4689 img_4688 img_4678 dwp-161129-195-milton-dyer-with-berwick-lodge-ps


Berwick Lodge Primary School Working Bee 14th October 2016

Thank you to the parents, staff and students who assisted at our working bee in the Community Garden.  Thank you to Nicole, Andy, Rachael, Hannah, Gemma, Debbie, Macie, Daniel, Raelene, Sarah, Olivia, Laura, Despina, Taylah, Andrew, Robert, Jessica, Ameli, Caroline, Sarah, Natalie, Thomas and Annabelle who assisted at our working bee and helped weed, trim, prune and tidy the garden.  Many hands make light work!

img_4442 img_4438 img_4437 img_4436 img_4435 img_4434 img_4433