Look at our Bridges and Seats!


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We have been very lucky to have Chris Ward, (dad to Tiah and Ally) make us two hardwood timber bridges to span the dry creek bed and two special bench seats.  They look amazing and we can’t wait until they are installed in the garden!  Thanks Chris and girls for making them for us.

Carpenter 1 carpenterCarpenter4

IMG_1076 IMG_1078

Finalists in Berwick Leader Newspaper Grant! Voting closes 13th June.


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We are finalists in the Berwick Leader newspaper grant to win $1000 towards our garden project.  We need everyone to help support this and log on to vote for our project: http://leaderlocalgrants.com.au/idea/berwick-lodge-primary-school-community-garden

voting closes Friday 13th June.  Thanks for your support!


Community Garden Build Day 2 Sunday 1st June 2014.


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It was another very busy and productive day with the Community Garden Build.  It was a bit overcast and lightly raining early in the day but not enough to dampen our determination to get the job done!  Thanks again to the wonderful help, even if light on, that came to help today.  Andrew Coupar (a Dad at BLPS and our landscaper) and his lovely wife Nicole and daughter/school captain, Ruby also came to help with Daisy, their youngest daughter as well.  Andrew worked flat out constructing the garden along the front of the fence, raking and rolling out the garden path and levelling the sand bases for the tanks to go on.  Nicole turned her hand to anything that needed doing.  Their two daugthers, Ruby and Daisy were great helpers and raked, moved soil, filled beds and helped get things that were needed.  Andrew tested the dry creek bed with water and it had a lovely trickle into the lower end of the frog bog.  Well done Andrew, it looks fantastic!  Matthew McCrum (my husband) and son, Jarrod, were back again moving boxes, and even more boxes and fastening the fence so it was in place safely.  Thanks for all of your help, a lot of things would not have been possible without your assitance, support and hours of carting, moving and collecting items for the garden.  A big thanks to the wonderful Mrs. Chandler who came again to work in the garden and assisted in lining all of the boxes with plastic and kept us amused with her wonderful sense of humor!  Thanks to the PFA parents who also assisted us, Carly with her muscles to help tie wire and move soil, Shell for helping with plastic, dirt and carrying lots of things, Kim for checking on our progress and bringing us things and to the kids that helped weed the big dirt pile and carry dirt to the boxes! Other PFA helpers were working hard in the courtyard to get it looking spick and span and cooking us a great BBQ lunch again!  After a long day, we are looking forward to seeing all of our ideas and plans come to life! I can’t wait to see the excited faces of the children when they see what we have achieved over the weekend.  I can’t wait to start planting plants in the garden!   I look forward to the next stage of the garden build when we will install two 10,000lt water tanks and complete the garden paths, beds and a fairy garden.  We hope to have lots more help with the next stage!

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