Community Garden – More timber seats!


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A big thank you to Chris Ward (Dad to Ally and Tiah) who has just delivered a double lift up seat which he has made for our garden. This will be a seat and also double as storage for tools and gloves.  He has also made us two more stools to be placed in the garden.  Look at Tiah sitting on the seat!  They look amazing!

IMG_1382Thanks to Tiah's dad Chris for making us some more seats from recycled pallets.

Thanks to Tiah’s dad Chris for making us some more seats from recycled pallets.


School Community Garden Working Bee Saturday 19th July 2014


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What a wonderful day in the School Community Garden. With so many people helping (over 40+) we have achieved a huge amount!  The day started with a very early delivery of soil and crushed concrete!  We were lucky with the weather as it was a perfect day to work in the garden. We finished laying out the garden boxes, 89 in total, filling with soil, leaves and manure, spreading crushed concrete for the paths and planting donated plants. We installed our two wooden bridges and bollard posts, laid out the outdoor classroom space with little log seats which will be surrounded by the fairy garden and planted a border of plants along the fence line.  We shovelled/moved 39 tonnes of crushed concrete and soil. A huge effort from those who were shovelling and carting in the wheelbarrows and I am sure there will be a few sore bodies tomorrow!  A big thank you to Andy Coupar our landscaper and his wife Nicole, who have put in another fabulous day in our school community garden.  We had 19 staff from across the whole school helping today which was a fabulous turn out to support our project. It was wonderful to see our Principal, Henry Grossek and our Acting Assistant Principal Paul Whitehead come and shovel soil and barrow it to the boxes. Thanks to the other BLPS staff who gave their time so generously to help with our project: Jenni Tranter, Angela Maskery, Sharon Chandler, Trish Luke, Sarah Tappy, Traceye Rapinett, Nick Pryor, Robert Kelly, Lianne Morgan, Dee Gilliland, Sue Naismith, Tanya Craig, Sharyn King, Mairead Musco, Susan Wookey, Bernadette Gray and Sandra McCrum.  We had over 25 volunteer parents, partners and children turn up to assist with the garden. A big Thank you to Susan Wookey and Paul who carted two trailer loads of manure for us.  A big Thank you to Matt McCrum for carting another five trailer loads of garden boxes for us.  Our garden is nearly ready for the children to start planting and we can’t wait to see our garden come to life!

The next jobs for our garden include installing a garden shed, installing an irrigation system, connecting the tanks, building a potting bench, paving the potting bench area, building the compost bays, moving another 13 tonne of soil to complete the garden and spreading mulch around our garden beds. Sounds like a lot but as they say, “Many hands Make light work” which was very evident with what we achieved today!

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