Community Garden Saturday 15th November 2014


Posted by Mrs McCrum | Posted in Garden, Parents | Posted on November 15, 2014

The day started early with Damian Miller (Dad at BLPS and a plumber at Pivot plumbing coming to install our garden tap.  He did this in no time and now we can water our garden easily! Damian’s boys – Ajay and Beau visited the garden as well with their mum Jen. Thanks Damian for all of your help!  Matt McCrum, Rob Kelly and myself were only going to spend an hour or two in the garden getting the donated shed painted and the watering system hooked up to the tanks but we worked all day to finish off jobs including undercoating the tanks ready to have blackboards painted on them, completing the hook up to the tank watering system, undercoating the garden shed and starting to build the potting benches.  Thanks Rob and Matt for a really enjoyable and rewarding day spent in the garden.

IMG_1869 IMG_1868 IMG_1867 IMG_1866 IMG_1864 IMG_1858 IMG_1860 IMG_1861 IMG_1863 IMG_1856 IMG_1855 IMG_1854 IMG_1853 IMG_1852 IMG_1851 IMG_1849 IMG_1848 IMG_1847 IMG_1846 IMG_1840 IMG_1841 IMG_1843 IMG_1845


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This wonderful garden really is something SPECIAL for our school … all the students are so excited watching it grow every day. Always something new to look at.
Thanks so much !

Thank you very much Sarah. It is a wonderful space for our school and it is really very special when you see the excitement on the children’s faces when they watch the plants growing that they have planted.

This garden is such a great place for our students and school community to enjoy.

Thanks Rob, it certainly is a great place to enjoy!

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