Back To Earth Sensory Garden Grant – THANK YOU for voting!


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A BIG THANKYOU to our school community who voted for our new Sensory Garden project in the ‘Back to Earth’ grant funding submission.  We had a fantastic response from our school community and thanks to everyone that voted, we are now in the top 16 finalists, which means we are in with a chance to win $5000 to start our new project.  This is a great achievement! We will find out early in June if we are the successful Primary School!

Berwick Lodge Primary School

Garden Club Students enjoy cooking!


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Our garden club students have enjoyed the opportunity to cook egg plant fritters over two lunchtimes.  Thank you to Mrs. Musco and Miss Cooper for assisting with making the egg plant fritters.  We harvested the egg plants on the morning of the cooking activity, sliced and salted them, rinsed and dried them and then dipped the egg plant into batter.  Mrs Musco then cooked the egg plant fritters.  We loved trying a new vegetable which was grown in our school community garden.  We can’t wait to cook again!

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Community Garden has a new Worm Farm!


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Our School Community Garden now has a new worm farm installed.  A BIG thank you to John Challis from ‘Virgin Worm Poo’ who generously made and donated the worm farm for our school.  If you have any questions about worm farming, please contact John on 0439 967 676 and he will be very happy to discuss worm farming with you.  All of our school fruit, vegetable and food scraps are placed into the worm farm for the worms to eat.  Once they have broken this down, we use the fantastic worm castings on our garden.

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Community Garden Harvest Stall Term 1 2016


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Our garden has been growing amazing vegetables and herbs including tomatoes, yellow zucchini, parsley, rosemary, basil, mint, bok choy, squash, turnips, squash, leeks and spring onions.  We held our first harvest stall of the year and sold the produce to our community and families.  Families paid what they thought was a fair price with all proceeds going directly back into the garden program.  Thank you to our garden club students for running the stall and for our school community for purchasing organic items grown in our school garden.


Community Garden Planting Activities – Term 1 2016


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Many grades enjoyed the sunshine and the opportunity to come and explore the garden and plant seedlings in their grade box.  Over a few weeks, the students weeded, made new signs, planted seedlings and explored all the new things growing within the garden.  Have a look and see what we have been doing!

IMG_3642  IMG_3645 IMG_3646 IMG_3648 IMG_3650 IMG_3651 IMG_3652

Community Garden Working Bee Friday 19th February 2016.


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We had a great afternoon in the garden with many new families assisting at our first Working Bee.  It was wonderful to see what can be achieved in such a short time.  We weeded and cleaned up our garden.  The children who attended had a great time moving the weeds in their trolleys and we even found some frogs in the garden.  Thank you to all those who helped!

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