Berwick Lodge Receive a Junior Landcare Biodiversity Grant!


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Congratulations Berwick Lodge for receiving a Junior Landcare Biodiversity Grant!  This will assist with completing the final part of the Sensory Garden including the dinosaur dig and interpretive signage to educate our students and community.  Without the grants, we wouldn’t have the fantastic garden spaces we have today!  Thankyou to Junior Landcare for supporting our project!

Junior Landcare Biodiversity Grant 2018

Berwick Lodge Primary School Sensory Garden looks amazing!


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Our beautiful Sensory Garden is certainly a wonderful space to explore and enjoy.  All our plants are growing and we have a fantastic area to learn, play and discover with nature.  Can you remember what it looked like as the garden was built?


Helmeted Honeyeater Ambassadors Second excursion to Yellingbo Nature Reserve.


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On the 24th August our four Helmeted Honeyeater ambassadors – Nathan, Leyla, Ruby and Tyler enjoyed visiting the Yellingbo community nursery to work with Cecilia the education officer and Michele, the horticulturalist.  They planted seeds, seedlings and learnt about the native habitat that the critically endangered species lives within.  It was a wonderful day for everyone!

Ambassadors with Michele in the hot house.

Planting seedlings.

Ruby and Leyla had a great day!

Nathan and Tyler had a great day!

Looking at different seeds.

Collecting seeds.

Some seeds are very small!

Collecting seed pods from gum tree branches.

Leyla collecting seed pods from branches.

Sorting and collecting seeds.

Looking at different seeds with Cecilia. 

Spring Planting in Community Garden


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This week many grades have enjoyed planting in the Community Garden.  We have been weeding grade boxes and planting a variety of vegetables and herbs.  Kasandra from Bunnings Fountain Gate assisted our Prep students to plant.  2E and other grades enjoyed planting lots of vegetables and learning about worms. We have enjoyed exploring the garden and investigating what is growing.

Raking the garden path.

Watering our new plants.

Look at us all planting! What fun we had working in the garden!

Planting lots of vegetables.

Planting some vegetables.

Weeding all the boxes!

2E enjoyed planting their grade boxes.

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