Helmeted Honeyeater ambassadors visit Healesville Sanctuary – 8th November 2018


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On Thursday 8th November we went to Healesville Sanctuary where we saw heaps of animals and a whole lot of birds. We went behind the scenes in a non-public area where we learnt how the HeHo (which is short for Helmeted Honeyeater) birds’ nests were made and about the breeding season which starts in August through to March which is 7 MONTHS! Did you know that the HEHO helpers supplied their nesting materials such as dingo fur, emu feathers,
twigs or sticks, and spider webs to stick it all together?

We also went to a bird show which was so much fun. The zookeeper’s showed all of us the Australian Birds and they flew over our heads which was pretty scary. Most of the birds were Owls, Parrots, Eagles and Cockatoos. Next we went to a dark enclosed area where we got to see a whole lot of Australian platypuses and big ugly, giant, fat fish and yabbies. We saw kangaroos, wallabies, wombats, possums, emus and lots of other Australian animals.  We saw the Helmeted Honeyeater up close and it has a long, sticky tongue which it can put inside flowers to eat the nectar. It is a very fast bird and hard to see when it is in the bush. There are a few predators including the brown goshawk, foxes, snakes, goannas and other birds including miner and bell birds. They compete for territory and food.

Our school is part of the fighting extinction program as we are helping to look after the environment in which the Helmeted Honeyeater lives.We have really enjoyed being Helmeted Honeyeater ambassadors this year and planting plants, harvesting seeds, learning about the habitat and how we can help with educating people about the critically endangered species. Thanks to Cecila and the friends of Yellingbo for allowing us to visit and learn about the bird. It has been a great experience. Your ambassadors: Leyla, Nathan, Ruby and Tyler

Ambassadors looking at the emu!

Sleepy koala.

Leyla hanging out in the kangaroo pouch.

Ruby hanging out in the kangaroo pouch.

Look at what the Helmeted Honeyeater nest is made from.

Can you see me?

Can you see its tongue?

Baby Helmeted Honeyeaters in their nest.

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