Berwick Lodge Primary School Community Garden Maintenance update 27th August 2020


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What a year 2020 has been.  We have been remote learning for a large part of the year with minimal students on campus.  We decided this was the year to continue replacing our Community Garden vegetable boxes which had served us very well for the past 6 years.  We started the process towards the end of 2019 and have been updating in stages.  We have used Eco timber to replace what was largely recycled pallet boxes. We needed a timber that would last quite a long time and this should see us through for many more years to come.  The maintenance has also included giving everything in the garden a very much needed trim and prune ready for spring.  We are looking forward to being back on campus and having students plant Spring vegetables!

Lodgers Parent Garden Group


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On Monday 26th August we had a small group of enthusiastic parents and two toddlers who assisted in the Community Garden for an hour after our assembly.  We weeded, talked and enjoyed working in the garden with Mrs. McCrum.  Afterwards, a well earned cuppa was enjoyed!  Thank you to our parents who assisted: Narelle, Sarah and Alfie, Claire and Mary, Christine and Emma.  We look forward to this being a monthly activity.  All parents are welcome to join us at our next Lodgers Garden Group.

Berwick Lodge Primary School Working Bees – 23rd and 24th August 2019


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A very big thankyou to the families who assisted at either of our two working bees.  One was in the Community Garden and the other in the Sensory Garden.  We achieved a lot in the time.  Thank you to the following people for assisting: Alicia, Madison, Martin, Jacob, Emily, Jamie, Diana, Hannah, Zach, Min Song, Iya, Chai, Miss Craig, Sabina, Miss Reynolds, Mr Kelly, Toshi, Elizabeth, Emily, Stephanie, Marley, Ava, Joan, Claire, Clifford, Mary, Susan, Narelle, Paul, Chad, Alex, Christine, Lara, Sarah and Emma.


Planet Ark Day 2019 at Berwick Lodge Primary School


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We had a fantastic day on Wednesday 31st July.  Our Junior School Council organised a ‘recycle dress up day’ and all grades had the opportunity to plant seeds.  Some of the garden club students assisted with planting 100 tube stock indigenous plants into the Sensory Garden.  A BIG THANKYOU to Berwick Toyota for providing the plants and to Bunnings, Fountain Gate for supporting the day with seeds.  On Friday 26th July, Brad Battin, our local politician visited our school and planted 8 plants with some students.  Thankyou Brad for supporting our school and Planet Ark Day.  We look forward to watching all of our plants grow!

Berwick Lodge Primary School Helmeted Honeyeater Ambassador Program 2019


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Helmeted Honeyeater Ambassadors 2019

Congratulations to Tess, Cooper, Faith and Felix for being our 2019 Helmeted Honeyeater Ambassadors. The Ambassadors work with Mel, the environmental coordinator at Yellingbo to learn about the critically endangered bird.  As an ambassador, they share their knowledge with our school and community.  The first excursion to Yellingbo was on Thursday 27th June 2019.  We all had a great time learning about the bird, the habitat, environment, food and how we can all help. Mel taught the students lots of interesting facts about plants and the bush.


Learning how to use binoculars for bird watching.

Our ambassadors enjoyed learning about the bird and here are some of their reflections from the day:

 On Thursday 27th of June we went to Yellingbo Nature Reserve to see the Helmeted Honeyeater.  We saw 14 Helmeted Honeyeaters in the wild which is a new record. We even got to hold a stuffed bird in a special container. We all had a great time! – Tess

On the day we saw the feeding stations.  A feeding station is where the Helmeted Honeyeaters can get their supplementary feeds.  They feed them wombaroo which is like a nectar. They give them extra feed in case there isn’t enough in the wild. Some of the trees and shrubs in their habitat are the Manna Gum, Swamp Gum, Wattles and Prickly Currant Bush. Baby bats live behind the bark of the Manna Gum and if you hold out your hand, they are the size of your palm. – Felix

We saw a wombat burrow and a yabbie burrow.  We also learnt that the seeds of the wattle tree are covered in a fatty nutrient that the ants like to eat.  Once the ant has eaten the fatty nutrient, they bury the seed so that other ants don’t get confused and it grows and new tree. There is a man named Bruce, he is an ornithologist, and studies birds.  If there are any birds that are injured he takes them to Healesville Sanctuary animal hospital. Each of the birds has its own unique identity bands on their legs.  – Faith

The Helmeted Honeyeaters like to stay in the sun because with the yellow tuft, predators can’t see them well in the sun.  At the feeding station multiple birds came down and tried to eat food that wasn’t there. There was a creek and a swamp, both are vital for the survival of the bird. There is now an exotic weed called water weed and once it has been planted it travels through the water and it can’t be stopped.  It clogs all of the waterways and also takes up space for native plants such as the water ribbon. These grow in the Helmeted Honeyeaters habitat.  – Cooper



Community Garden Working Bee 22nd March 2019


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On Friday 22nd March we held our first working bee of the year in the Community Garden.  We had a very warm afternoon to work in the garden and had a wonderful turn up of new and old faces.  A very BIG THANKYOU to Leila, Emily, Jamie, Diana, Kat, Leo, Martin, Jacob, Claire, Mary, Clifford, Ange, Louis, Kaye, Jen, Ava, Armp, Aiden, Leah, Craig, Sienna, Harley, Isabella, Alliya, Emily, Steph, Euan, Felix, Miss Reynolds, Monica, Evelyn, Rachael, Gemma, Emily, Christini and Noah all assisted with weeding and tidying the garden.  The children loved collecting lots of snails, discovering some plants growing and finding worms.  We achieved a lot in just over an hour.  Many hands do make light work! At the very end, we had more than 15 beautiful Rainbow Lorikeets visit the garden.  I look forward to working with everyone again later in the year!  Thanks everyone, Mrs. McCrum.

Our new ‘Outdoor Common Room’ garden has been planted! Monday 10th December 2018


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What a wonderful afternoon we had planting the $2000 worth of plants that Warner’s Nursery have very kindly given to our school when we received the Victorian Schools Garden Award Grant earlier in the year.  We were thrilled to see such a beautiful variety of ground covers, shrubs and some established trees.  Our 90 grade 5 students all had the opportunity to plant a plant each within the new Outdoor Common Room garden space.  With the assistance of Ian, Andrew and Bonnie from Warner’s, the plants were placed and the planting began.  Thank you to Warner’s for supplying us with such beautiful plants!  They look amazing within the garden.  Thank you to Andy, Nicole and Ruby Coupar for assisting with planting.  Thank you to the parents, teachers and staff who also assisted the students to plant the garden.  It looks amazing!  We can’t wait until all the other items are installed including: giant marble run, Jenga, dominoes, blackboard, tee pees, mindfulness spaces and seats.  It is going to be a wonderful transformation of what was a very plain area.

Outdoor Common Room pallet seating and marble run!


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Thank you to Matt and Jarrod McCrum for building two recycled pallet seats for our students to use within the new garden space.  Thank you to Andy Coupar for building a giant marble run which has been constructed with PVC plumbers pipe.  Thank you to Nicole and Ruby Coupar and some of the Art club students for painting both the pallet seats and marble run. We also now have outdoor naughts and crosses for the students to enjoy!

They are going to be wonderful within the garden!

Berwick Lodge Primary School garden awards are in the local paper! 22nd November 2018.


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We were thrilled to have an article about our achievements at the Victorian Schools Garden Awards in our local Berwick Star newspaper today on page 9.  If you missed the article, please see below, courtesy of the Berwick Star Newspaper.

Berwick Lodge PS garden impresses

Berwick Lodge Primary School wins top garden award! 15th November 2018


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On Thursday 15th November Daisy and Joshua our school captains, Leyla, Ruby and Tyler our Helmeted Honeyeater ambassadors, Thiseni, Tess, Jensen and Felix our garden club members along with Mrs. McCrum and Nicole, a parent helper,  attended the Victorian Schools Garden Awards at the Royal Botanical Gardens Melbourne.  We enjoyed participating in a smoking ceremony welcoming us to the gardens and then the award presentations started.  Our school won a regional garden award which we were very excited about.  Towards the end of the ceremony, we were announced as a state award winner and had to stand out the front with two other schools.  They then announced the top winning school in Victoria.  WE WON the Kevin Heinze Perpetual Development award for our outstanding gardens.  We were thrilled to win this award from all of the government, independent and catholic schools across Victoria.  Our students were wonderful ambassadors for our school.  We received three award certificates and the perpetual plaque which we get to display proudly at our school for the next year. We received vouchers totaling $3350 to put towards future garden developments. What an amazing achievement!

Thank you to everyone who has assisted over the past 4 1/2 years with our garden projects.  We have amazing and beautiful garden spaces for our students and community to enjoy including our Sensory Garden, Community Garden, Memorial Garden and our new development – Our Outdoor Common Room!  We are all very proud for receiving such a prestigious award and thank you to the Victorian Schools Garden Awards, judges, sponsors, parents, teachers, students and our community for supporting our garden projects.

At the Victorian Schools Garden Awards.

The smoking ceremony to welcome us to the gardens.

Our school captains with two of our awards.

WE WON the top garden award – the Kevin Heinze Perpetual Development award!

Planting plants.

Look at our cool hats!

Enjoying the Children’s Garden.

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